Creation Elevation Series Pedalboard - 24x12.5 - African Mahogany

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Product Description

The Elevation Series 

To elevate means to rise above, raise the bar, or in the case of a pedalboard, raise off the ground. (As opposed to our Flat Series pedalboard, which is, of course, flat) This is precisely what we achieved during the design process of this product; a process that we put a great deal of time and effort into for something that is seemingly simple yet is actually groundbreaking for the pedalboard world. We obsessed over every little detail and believe The Elevation Series is unlike any other pedalboard we have put forward in the past.

It all starts with our breakthrough Unibody design. This design is stronger, more enduring, and has more space underneath than past designs. The Unibody has the strength to last practically a lifetime. It is completely self supporting all on it’s own without our end panels with the incredible strength that comes from it’s unique turned down edges. This also allows us to offer replaceable end panels so you can change your color or I/O configuration later on. You can pick your size and not look back. This sleek and modern design is revolutionizing the pedalboard world. 


  • Our Proprietary Unibody design for superior strength made from Aircraft Grade .01" aluminum
  • Solid American Black Walnut end panels with cable pass throughs
  • Easily customizable with accessories or able to be modded
  • Open design underneath for easy access to wiring or mounting of power supplies, buffers, splitters, and even pedals.


  • Total Height: 3-7/8” heel and 2-1/8” toe
  • Total Depth: 12-1/2”
  • Total Width: 24” (with end panels) 23” unibody alone
  • Total Weight: Approx 4.8 lbs 

- The photos shown here are stock photos of this model. Your order may come with varied wood grain patterns.

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