DW 9000 Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne Round


Airlift™ Thrones are the next evolution in DW throne technology. Combining the workhorse features of DW’s 9000 line of thrones, Airlift™ thrones also include a sturdier quad-leg folding base, and effortless pneumatic height adjustment.  The 9120AL design includes an optional backrest (sold separately, and exclusive to the Airlift™ model) for those players that desire more support, while the 9100AL incorporates a more traditional seat top. 


Pneumatic Height Adjustment






The Pneumatic Height Adjustment allows quick and easy adjustment in seconds.


Sturdy 4-leg Base






The Sturdy 4-leg Base keeps you planted.


Special Foam Combination






The Special Foam Combination provides superior stability and comfort.








The Backrest (optional) works with all Airlift™ thrones.

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