Eliminator Mini Spot LED

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The Eliminator Mini Spot LED is a compact and powerful lighting fixture designed to deliver impressive lighting effects in a small package. With its high-intensity LED source, it produces vibrant beams of light that can be projected over long distances, making it ideal for small to medium-sized venues. The Mini Spot LED features a range of built-in features such as a color wheel, gobo wheel, and prism, allowing for endless creative possibilities. It also offers smooth pan and tilt movements, enabling precise positioning and seamless transitions between effects. Whether used for stage performances, DJ sets, or mobile lighting setups, the Eliminator Mini Spot LED is a versatile lighting solution that packs a punch.

  • Light Source: High-intensity LED
  • Power Output: X watts
  • Beam Angle: X degrees
  • Pan Movement: X degrees (continuous rotation)
  • Tilt Movement: X degrees (continuous rotation)
  • Color Wheel: X colors + open
  • Gobo Wheel: X gobos + open
  • Prism: X-facet prism
  • Dimming: X to 100% (smooth electronic dimming)
  • Strobe: Adjustable strobe effects
  • Control Modes: DMX, Sound-activated, Auto, Master/Slave
  • DMX Channels: X channels
  • Display: LCD display for easy menu navigation
  • Power Connection: X AC power input
  • Mounting: Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Cooling: Fan-cooled
  • Dimensions: X inches (length) x X inches (width) x X inches (height)
  • Weight: X pounds (or kilograms)
  • Power Consumption: X watts
  • Input Voltage: X VAC, X Hz