WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Brass Snare, 13.75"

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Brass 13” x 7.5” WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare drum with die-cast hoops.
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Brass 13” x 7.5” WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare drum with die-cast hoops. // Combining a versatile size and the beautiful tone of brass, this drum is equally fitting as a main snare or auxiliary snare, making it an excellent addition to any drummer’s kit.


Famous for playing with the likes of Jeff Lorber and Snarky Puppy, Steve Pruitt is one of the most versatile drummers you will find. The WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare reflects this versatility by combining the striking characteristics of a brass shell with a unique 13” x 7.5” size. This drum will quickly become your go-to for every musical style and performance.

  • Brass at Its Finest: When cranked high, our 1.2mm brass shell provides a crisp attack and response with clear and open high tones. In medium to low tensions, you will experience beautiful and mellow overtones and a powerful full-bodied sound.
  • The Ultimate Combination of Diameter and Depth: The “crack” of a piccolo meets full bodied power! The 13” diameter shell allows for a wide range of tunings and sensitive response, enhanced by huge body delivered from the 7.5” depth.
  • Innovative Drum Tuning Technology: Say goodbye to your drum key! The Welch Tuning System™ (WTS) is a new and revolutionary integrated drum cable tuning hardware. A system of pulleys and cable bring both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle, similar to tuning a guitar string.


  • Shell size (diameter x depth): 13” x 7.5” snare drum
  • 1.2mm brass shell
  • Welch Tuning System™​​ hardware
  • Lacquered brushed brass finish
  • 45-degree bearing edges
  • Die-cast hoops


*Note: Other drums, hardware, and cymbals not included.



  • Make tuning adjustments mid-performance: Drums with WTS are the most versatile drums on the market. Explore high tuning, low tuning, or even tuning to the key of the song… all in a matter of seconds, without a drum key.
  • Reach optimal sound and pitch every time: Have confidence in your instrument, and never worry about playing an out of tune drum again. Consistently and effortlessly achieve your desired tuning in any room, on any stage, every time you play your drums.
  • Tune your drums in seconds: Save time tuning, and spend more time playing. You will no longer need 20-30 minutes before every performance to tune your drums or be stuck with one tuning for an entire performance.