Zildjian 16" FX Stack Pair with Mount

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Adjust Your Genre with a Single Twist.
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Zildjian makes its breakthrough into the world of ready made cymbal stacks with this stunning FX Stack pair. Each FX Stack is composed of two cleverly crafted cymbals: a top cymbal designed specifically to impart versatility and a driven cut, and a bottom cymbal designed to compliment with an expert blend of focus, durability, and visual appeal.

This set also comes with a complimentary cymbolt mount, allowing you maximum customization for each play with just the adjustment of the wingnut. None who have purchased this FX Stack pair have ever been disappointed, and you won’t either with features like these:

  • Traditional finish
  • Bright sound
  • High pitch
  • Short sustain
  • Thin weight
  • Complimentary mount