Zildjian 20" A Custom Ping Ride

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All-purpose ride cymbal with beautiful medium overtones.
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Discover for yourself why the Zildjian A Ping Ride is one of the most popular cymbals on the market. The Zildjian A Custom Ping Ride 20" cymbal has a tight, cutting, slightly aged tone that fills the air with a proverbial smoke.

With this Zildjian, you get plenty of output to propel your timekeeping straight to the front of the band. When you move towards the outer edge, the Ping Ride blooms into a powerful wash. It punctuates and has a clean, focused bell to balance out the hybrid patterns.

  • Best-selling ride models
  • Great for patterns and timekeeping
  • Tight stick definition
  • Aged, cutting tone
  • Blistering wash
  • Clean, focused bell