Zildjian 23" K Sweet Ride

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Smooth with character.
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The 23” K Sweet Ride brings it all together when you are creating your masterpiece. It is smooth, dark, and moody, sure to bring centuries-old character and charisma to your music. Whether you are going for rock or symphonic, you get unmatched dynamics with musical complexity. This ride is crafted with a secret B20 bronze recipe that is rolled extra thin and paired with traditional hammering techniques to give it a broad range of compatibility. The thick wash, clear bell, and stick definition make it a rock’n’roll mainstay. Figure out what the new side of Zildjian is with the 23” K Sweet Ride.

  • Bright, full-bodied, and natural tone
  • Cast from centuries old secret alloy formula
  • Cast bronze
  • Traditional finish
  • Suits all genres of music