Sims Music Advantage

When buying a new guitar, you want to know that it's in the best shape possible, adjusted to your likings. Here at Sims, we guarantee a complete inspection and setup when you purchase an instrument. We pride ourselves on being musicians before we are salesman. We all play an instrument, play gigs, or have a musical background. Our Master Techs and Service Techs aren't just interested in spec sheets and industry standards... we want the guitar setup and playing the absolute best it can. Our standard is your standard. 

Buying a new guitar for slide playing? Let us know and we can raise that action up a bit and have you playing Derek Trucks in no time. Getting that Floyd rose that you've always dreamed of so that you can shred some 80's rock? Let us get that get floating tremolo tamed so that you're able to enjoy it instead of fighting the tuning. We check intonation, make truss rod adjustments, and even check and inspect the build quality and electronic functionality of each and every instrument - yes, even something as small as a Ukulele. While there may not be as many adjustments for Ukes, we carefully inspect and test play every Ukulele when it leaves a box to assure the best quality that you deserve. 

Every instrument gets checked in by our Inventory Specialist and gets taken straight to our Service Center kiosk where a technician carefully removes the instrument and inspects for any damage during shipping or handling. Once that inspection is passed, our techs begin setting up the instrument. For anyone that has setup a guitar before, it's not always as easy as a few twists and turns of a tool. Sometimes it takes a lot of back and forth between small variables that vastly change the playability, intonation, and feel of a guitar. Once the instrument is completely setup, it is given one final inspection and wiped down before its taken to our photo department where it is carefully photographed by our media team. We take anywhere from 8 to 10 photos to ensure every angle is captured. Once this process is finished, it is tagged and returned to the sales floor where it is then hung on a Gator branded gravity-locked hanger. We do this to ensure that a salesperson accompanies any customer who wishes to demo the guitar. Our ultimate goal is that you get the best instrument with the best quality from the best people. We proudly accomplish all three of those - that’s the Sims Music Advantage.