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Ever since Jerry Sims opened Sims Music in 1979, he has always strived to be the best and have the best. Whether it be his guitar lessons he taught or the guitars hanging in the store, he has always wanted to give his customers the best experience they could have in a music store. With the Sims Music Select Room, we have been able to raise that bar even higher. In this room you will find some of the best instruments being built today by some of the biggest name brands in the world. What sparked this room to happen was the goal to have a selection of Fender Custom Shop guitars. These guitars are made by master-builders by Fender, who focus on every single, tiny detail so that every guitar is basically a one of a kind. Whether it be a beautiful spalted maple tele or a heavy relic stratocaster that looks like its been played for 50 years, these guitar are like no other. Hanging right along side the Fenders you can find some beautiful Paul Reed Smith core models with some of the most beautiful tops you've ever seen, as well as Gibson Custom Shop (not pictured below), Musicman, and more.

We also knew that you probably would want to plug a guitar as special as these into an amp at the same level so we have filled this room with some of our favorite hand-wired models from VOX like the AC15 and AC30, Fender, Marshall and more. This variety of amps should be able to provide just about every style of player the sound they are looking for for whatever style of music they may play. 

If you are able to come visit the Sims Select Room, be sure to check out our incredible infinity table that was custom built for the room! It may scare you at first as the illusion will make you think you are looking down a never-ending tunnel full of guitars. You've got to see it in person if you get a chance! We felt like something special like this table was the perfect compliment for all of the incredible Fender, Rickenbacker, PRS, and Gibson guitars for sale that fill this room. We hope you enjoy the best of the best!

Are you wanting to check out some guitars in The Select Room but are unable to come by the shop? Use the link below to schedule a virtual shopping experience with one of our staff members!

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