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At Sims Music, we have a deep appreciation for bass and understand the crucial role of the bass player in any band. With Jerry's guitar skills and bass expertise, along with Justin's drumming background, we recognize the significance of a well-rounded bass department. While some music shops may have limited bass guitar selections, we've made it our mission to offer an extensive range of options for bassists.

As the bass player market continues to expand, we constantly strive to expand our inventory with more models and brands. We take pride in supporting young, aspiring bass players who are studying in our lesson programs and becoming active musicians in the local music scene. To accommodate them, we maintain a diverse selection of beginner to intermediate level basses, ensuring that every student can find the perfect instrument for their journey. But our commitment doesn't stop there; we also cater to professional bass players who demand the very best gear.

Our selection boasts exceptional instruments, including American-made Fender J and P Basses, top-quality Ibanez models, and the legendary Rickenbacker basses. We have the tools you need to rock out in local clubs or perform on the biggest stages imaginable.

While sound and feel are important factors in choosing a bass, proper setup is equally crucial. Just like our guitars, every bass in our inventory undergoes professional setup by our skilled technicians. Before it's displayed for sale, each bass is meticulously inspected and adjusted to meet our rigorous standards. Furthermore, we offer complimentary lifetime neck adjustments for the bass you purchase from us. By keeping your bass properly set up, you can ensure years of solid grooves, electrifying performances, and pure enjoyment.

At Sims Music, we embrace the bass community and take pride in providing exceptional instruments and services. Whether you visit our store or explore our online platform, we are dedicated to delivering a superior bass shopping experience. Discover the bass that speaks to your soul and unlocks your full potential as a bass player. Join us at Sims Music and experience the passion and dedication we have for all things bass!