While a quality drum set is important, there may not be anything more crucial to a drummer and his or her's sound than cymbals! We've always said...you can tune any drum to make it sound pretty good but you can't tune a cymbal. At Sims, we are proud to have the largest cymbal selection in the Carolinas! We carry a wide variety of cymbals from the legendary brands Zildjian and Sabian, as well as the newer but amazing brand Meinl! Whether you are looking for a beginner set of cymbals, a quality splash or crash, or maybe that perfect ride that you've been searching for over the last few years, we would love to help! We also keep a very close relationship with the top cymbal brands, so we welcome any feedback or desires you may have for a certain sound missing from your setup! Justin Sims, our main drum guy, is on the Sabian Advisory Board and helps to take our customers' opinions and needs to them so that they can better serve the drummers out there! Enjoy looking through our selection on our site but feel free to call, email, or come in to the shop and let us help you find the perfect pie for your sound!