Studio Recording

You've come to the right place for studio recording equipment. Sims Music has been proudly providing the best recording studio equipment since 1979. Here, you'll find the latest gear from leading brands like Focusrite, Presonus, Mackie, Shure, Yamaha, Audio-Technica, and so much more! We aren't just interested in giving you the best quality gear - we make it our mission to ensure you also have reliable expert help when setting up your gear and getting started.

Are you just starting out and setting up your first studio? Whether you're designing a new Pro Tools recording system, choosing microphones for specific applications, upgrading your studio monitors and acoustic treatment, or anything else studio related, we're here to help. Whether you're planning on recording a full band or just recording a couple microphones for a podcast, we have you covered! Do you want to upgrade the sound in your studio? We have a great selection of microphones, headphones, acoustic treatment, monitors that can take your humble setup to the next level. If you're looking for better tools to be able to better track your instruments, we can offer expert advice on how to sound proof both your studio room as well as your vocal booth or recording area.

Many of us at Sims Music produce, record, and perform our own music. We understand the challenges you will most likely face as an audio professional. From choosing which microphone frequency band is right for you, to learning what kind of studio powered monitors would fit your space best, we make a high priority of making sure you're not just getting the best variety of studio recording equipment but also getting the equipment that's right for you and your goals.

With fast and free shipping, we can get the right tools you need into your hands quicker. We are always available for free phone support, as well as in-person training on your studio recording gear. A lot of our products include entry level professional recording software, so you can get started as quickly as you plug everything in to use! In the world we live in today, recording from home has become more accessible and we are ready to help you get started recording today! Quality gear from your friends. That's the Sims Music way.