Checking out the Martin OMJM with Blaine

What's up everyone, it's Blaine here at Sims music. Here at the store, we recently got in one of my favorite guitars currently made. It also happens to be the signature model of one of my guitar idols, John Mayer. This week, I had the great privilege of playing and making a demo video with this awesome Martin OMJM guitar. This guitar is near perfectly built by the team at Martin guitars. When I sat down to play it, I was amazed at how good the guitar truly sounds and plays. This thing is carefully crafted and set up to the same specs as John's very own. With the attention to detail that is put into this guitar, it is no wonder as to why they play, feel, and sound so unique.

This guitar comes stocked with a beautiful Englemann spruce top, East Indian Rosewood back and sides, a great feeling Spanish cedar neck, as well as an African Ebony fingerboard. The rosewood back and sides cause the guitar to have a very warm and rich tone. It also has factory-installed Martin Gold Plus electronics, which sound phenomenal for one who desires to play with a pickup. This guitar has many small touches that make this guitar grand - like John's signature inlaid in pearl between the 19th and 20th fret. I am also a big fan of the glossed Indian Rosewood headstock. This remarkable instrument also comes with a great hardshell case that features John's initials stitched into the case itself.

In this video, I really enjoyed playing this fantastic instrument. In making this video, I was thrilled to know that this guitar truly lives up to John Mayer's name. When you're playing Mayer songs on a Mayer signature, things just seem to click. This guitar sounds truly iconic, especially when playing songs like  Why Georgia, Stop This Train, Queen of California, and so on.

Once again, here at Sims Music, we are beyond excited to have this fantastic Martin OMJM guitar. If you're a huge Mayer fan like myself or just simply looking for an excellent acoustic, this guitar is probably calling your name. I can't wait to see you guys here in the store so you can try this superb guitar for yourself! Until next time...


Stay safe and rock on!

Blaine Williams

Blaine Williams