Dark, Dry, and Musical

Last year I got the opportunity to go to the Zildjian factory in Boston, MA.  With a handful of people from around the country, we toured the facility, talked trends in the industry, and discussed future products to be released by Zildjian. We were lucky enough to get the first peak at something Paul Francis, head of R&D, was working on for a NAMM Show release. No photos were allowed (sorry, use your imagination), and we could not discuss the new line with anyone. We got to play the new product and share feedback about what sizes and designs should be developed. Fast forward a few months later....and the Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Series was released at the 2017 Winter NAMM show.


These cymbals are something special (pun definitely intended). A lot of companies over the years have made dark, dry cymbals, but something was always missing. Leave it to Zildjian to patiently design and test a dryer cymbal that would blow everyone else out of the water. What sets these cymbals apart is the fact that the Special Dry series are musical. Sometimes cymbals like this can sound dead, lack projection and get lost in the mix, and/or lack volume. Zildjian made sure this wasn't the case. Whether a gospel drummer is looking for a nice effect, a jazz drummer is looking for something trashy and dry to add to their setup, or a rock drummer is looking for something big to crash on without too many overtones, the Special Dry cymbals get the job done.  


The line offers a variety of options and sizes, whether it be a 23" ride or a trash crash full of holes. These cymbals are quickly becoming one of the hottest lines for Zildjian with no signs of slowing down. It was a great honor to get to help with the development of this product and others with our friends at Zildjian, and now we get to share them with the world. Hope to see you all soon and keep an eye out for more amazing products from Z and all our other percussion brands!


Justin Sims