Vic Firth Nate Smith Signature Drumstick

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For nearly two decades, Nate Smith has been impacting the music scene with his visceral, instinctive, and deep-rooted style of drumming.

Not bound by genre, his playing moves effortlessly from jazz to fusion, R&B to hip-hop, from pop to rock and everywhere in between. That versatility and effortless flow comes to life perfectly in his new Signature Series stick from Vic Firth. Just slightly thinner than a 7A in the grip, and with added length and a medium taper for a smooth response and impeccable balance. The rounded barrel tip allows for articulation at any angle and lets you pull serious sound out of your cymbals.

  • Material: US Hickory 
  • Finish: Traditional 
  • Model: Nate Smith Signature
  • Tip: Round Barrel
  • Taper: Medium
  • Length: 16"