All In One Hug Strap - Brown and Aqua Tapa

All In One Hug Strap - Brown and Aqua Tapa

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The patented All in One Hug Strap for ukulele works with or without strap buttons, on U-Basses, and Banjoleles, as well as mandolins with endpins.

NEW! The All in One Hug Strap Design is a patented design that allows you to use it with or without strap buttons. It works the way the original Hug Strap does, going around waisted ukes that don't have strap buttons, but will also work on strap buttons if that is your preference.



*fits any size waisted ukulele from soprano to baritone with or without strap buttons
*can be adjusted at both headstock and around your body
*Requires no drilling of strap buttons and won't damage the finish of your uke by hooking into the sound hole
*works on banjoleles and mandolins
*comes in a variety of designer fabrics
*can be adjusted to accommodate most players (a kids size is also available)

*made in a lightly interfaced cotton print of dark pink florals with green and white vines on a peach/coral pink background