A Look at the New Eastman Acoustics

Here at Sims, we are excited to receive some new acoustics from Eastman Guitars! So how did the company start, where are Eastman guitars made, and what makes them special? Eastman's founder Qian Ni has had a vision of building quality guitars for players of all levels since the company's birth in 1992. Qian quotes, "As a musician, I founded our company with the hope of providing world-class instruments for musicians. I personally enjoy the process of working with our luthiers and production team nearly every day to develop new products and improve what we currently manufacture. Eastman is a family business, and I feel very honored to be able to be part of such a wonderful company." This vision has been clearly displayed by Eastman. Especially in guitars like the new PCH series. Eastman has done a fantastic job of combining the playability of world-class instruments with a price that is affordable to all playing levels. Here at the store, I have recently had the privilege of playing some of these acoustics, and I am very excited for our customers to do the same. I hope this Eastman PCH acoustic guitars review will help the players find a perfect instrument. Whether it is the PCH1-OM or a guitar like the new PCH2-D, Eastman has made an outstanding instrument with similar and very sought-after qualities of legendary guitars from brands like Taylor and Martin. However, Eastman has stayed true to their instruments' feel and characteristics that have remained consistent with their outstanding reputation, which began in 1992 in Beijing, China, where Eastman guitars are made to this day. 

Eastman has always been considered a staple in the world of guitars. However, with their new line of acoustics, I have seen a significant improvement in quality, feel, and sound. One guitar specifically, is the PCH1-OM. At an affordable price of $299.00, you receive a guitar that produces warm and rich tones desired by players of all levels. It has an excellent feeling rosewood fingerboard, as well as a classic solid Sitka spruce top. On the back and side of the guitar is Laminated Sapele. It also features a bone nut and saddle, which improves the overall sustain of the guitar. At an affordable price, you receive a guitar with excellent characteristics as well as a quality gig bag to protect your instrument. 


The PCH1 series also includes the PCH1-GACE. This guitar is available in a Natural finish as well as the beautiful CLA fish. It also has a cutaway body style for players who like to play higher up on the neck, or even for players who simply prefer the atheistic of a cutaway. At the outstanding price of $329.00, this guitar includes an Eastman pickup by Fishman. Whether you're playing at a gig or just playing in your home, this series features guitars at a fantastic price that simply plays and looks outstanding.


Next on the list is the is PCH2 series. Similar to the PCH1 series, this line of guitars also plays exceptionally well. However, it includes some upgraded features. One guitar I particularly enjoy playing is the PCH2-GACE. It has an excellent feeling, "Even C Shape” rosewood neck, that fits great into your hand. Around the sound hole is an eye-catching pearl inlay. Whenever you look at the sides and back of the guitar, you will immediately notice a beautiful piece of solid Laminated Rosewood. It also features white binding around the edges that gives it a classic and timeless aesthetic. When playing this guitar, you will notice a grand and full sound being produced. It is more or the bright end, which helps make the guitar great in clarity and tone. Included with this instrument comes Fishman electronics preinstalled in the guitar. When plugged in, this guitar does not sacrifice sound quality. It sounds just as good electronically as it does unplugged. It also comes in the CLA finish for players looking for a more dark and rugged look.


We also recently received one of my personal favorites, which is the Eastman DM1. This is a Gypsy Jazz style guitar. I have been a student of our store founder and owner Jerry Sims for the last eight years. Jerry is a guitar mastermind; however, he is exceptionally knowledgable and gifted in the genre of Gypsy Jazz. As a long time student of Jerry, I have been greatly inspired by his skilled playing and passion for gypsy music. Made famous by the renowned Django Reinhardt, this "Traditional Gypsy Style" oval hole guitar allows you to play a great instrument with features such as look and sound that enable it to be a fantastic gypsy guitar. When playing this Eastman, you will notice the classic bright and punch like sound attributes made famous by traveling gypsy musicians riding on trains many years ago. It might be a modern guitar, but it remains true to the esteemed gypsy sound, feel, and look as we know it!


Here at Sims Music, we are beyond excited to have these fantastic instruments on the shelves of our store. We want customers like you to come and experience playing these skillfully crafted and designed guitars from Eastman. We hope this Eastman PCH acoustic guitars review will help you choose the right instrument. Whether it be guitars from the new PCH series or even a DM-1 Gypsy style guitar, we have a great selection and would love to send you home with one of them!




Blaine Williams