Guitar Care for Dry Weather: Avoiding Cracks

Without the proper tools, dry weather can cause the top of your guitar to crack, the frets to feel sharp down the neck, and many other issues that will effect playability and value. This season, we’ve had a handful of customers come in with issues, and two of my dad’s own personal guitars suffered casualties. 


We want you to avoid the fatalities of dry weather, so bring your guitar in for a free humidity inspection. Our top of the line techs will take a look at it and make sure everything is looking good. If we notice some issues, we will be able to make the proper adjustments and recommend some inexpensive methods to protect your guitar, like the Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier or the Planet Waves Two-Way Humidification System


Bring your guitar in to Sims Music anytime, no appointment necessary. It will only take a few minutes to inspect, and we’ll get you on your way. Don't let your guitar become another casualty of this extremely dry weather!