What’s up, everyone? I hope you have all been enjoying your summer. Unfortunately, summer vacations will soon come to an end which means back to the grind—however, what better time than now to get yourself a new guitar. One line of guitars that I am beyond impressed with is the Fender Squier Classic Vibes. These are a little bit nicer than the Affinity’s but just below the Fender Players series in cost. Notice how I didn’t say below the Player series in how they play and feel. In my opinion, I believe that the Classic Vibes play just as good, if not sometimes better, than the Fender Player series. Am I supposed to say that… probably not. But I believe that it is the honest truth. My reason for saying this is so that you can learn about some of the best electric guitars you can get while not breaking the bank.

Blaine’s Classic Vibe Favorites

The first guitar that I absolutely love from this series is the '60s Strat in Candy Apple Red. I really dig the thin C-shape style neck on this Strat. It gives the guitar a superb and quality feel from the moment you pick up the guitar. Speaking of “pick up”, the pickups in this Classic Vibe Strat are Alnico single coils, and they sound fabulous. Not only does this guitar look awesome, but is also delivers the classic Strat sound that we all love.

The second guitar that I really dig from this series is the Classic Vibe ‘70s, Thinline Telecaster. Whenever I see this guitar, my mind immediately goes to the 70s era of music that I love and adore. Also, this thing just sounds good unplugged. The fact that it is semi-hollow definitely contributes to the fantastic tone of this tele. It’s got more of a slim C shape neck profile which fits really good in your hand. This guitar comes stocked with Fender-Designed Wide Range Humbucker pickup. They sound incredibly full and are versatile in all genres of music. This Tele rocks!

The 3rd guitar I have chosen from this series is the Classic Vibe ‘70s Jaguar in 3-Color Sunburst. Ever since the ‘90s especially, this guitar has been trendy. It started with artists like Kurt Cobain and John Squier but has trickled down into a wonderful legacy and is still being played and loved by many guitarists today. Like the Thinline Tele, this guitar also has a ‘70s style C-shape neck. It’s just one of those things… “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. These guitars can play anything from Jazz to Rock and roll. If you’re looking for something a little more flashy but still sounds great, then the Jag might be the one for you.

I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with the Fender Classic Vibe Series. These guitars are skillfully crafted and deliver great tone and playing capabilities for only a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to upgrade your current guitar, then I would highly recommend one of these outstanding instruments from the Classic Vibe Series. They are wonderful!


Thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed it. Stay safe and rock on!


Blaine Williams