Don't Hold Back...

Companies come out with new products all of the time. Usually every year at the NAMM Show, we learn of some new (and great) new guitars, drums, cymbals, and more. But this year, Sabian went above and beyond. In the cymbal world, everyone is always altering the sounds we already know to make a darker cymbal or maybe a brighter cymbal, or even a quiet cymbal. But Sabian was able to figure out something that no one else ever has before. If you hit the cymbal, you can't even really explain what you are hearing and why its so different. But you will know that something special has happened. 


This day and age, everyone is always trying to make us drummers quiet down. Whether it be a jazz club, a church band, or a garage band, the drummer is always too loud (according to everyone else of course). But it is true sometimes. But we promise...its not our fault! Historically, cymbals have been the thing that everyone has been trying to control. With loud and bright frequencies, its hard to stop them from getting into the lead singers microphone or hurting the ears of the bass player. What Sabian did is truly innovative. They were able to remove those harsh, brighter frequencies using a new, patented technology. Because of this new technology, the new FRX cymbals are naturally darker and lack that harsh, bright cut that bother us all. When you play these cymbals next to others, you will immediately be able to tell that they carry a much smoother, soft, yet extremely musical sound! 


They have made an entire line of these cymbals including hi hats, plenty of options for crashes, and a couple choices for rides. Click here to learn more and shop.


Come by and try these amazing cymbals out so you can hear for yourself and feel free to email me with any questions!


-Justin Sims

[email protected]