Fix up your loved one's guitar for Christmas!

When it comes to shopping for the holidays, we always first think about what we should buy our loved ones. While it is fun to surprise our favorite people with a new shiny toy (especially a new guitar), there are other fun and creative ways to make your loved one's Christmas! 

Most likely, we all have someone special in our life who once started playing music but maybe didn't follow through at the time. They probably went out and got themselves a guitar but eventually put it away in the closet or under the bed. If thats the case, and its been sitting there unplayed for years, that guitar is probably in serious need of some love and attention! How great of a gift would it be if that old guitar were to be cleaned up and setup with some new strings so its owner can get back to the dream they once had of playing guitar (and becoming a rockstar)!? Now we realize it may be a little tricky to sneak that guitar out of their house, but if they haven't played it in years, they probably won't even know it's gone. Once that awesome guitar is looking and playing better than ever, we bet they are not going to want to put it down! 

If you know someone with an old guitar and you think they'd like it fixed up for the holidays, sneak it out and bring it by and let our awesome tech, Jon, get it fixed up for you! We can clean it up, put on some new strings, check any electronics if needed, and maybe help out with a new gig bag, strap, or some good books to get your loved ones rocking! If you want to go the extra mile...grab them a couple months of lessons from Freeway Music to put with the guitar! 

We love to help people find their new favorite guitar but it's even more fun for us to see an old guitar be brought back to life and making music like it was designed to be doing! Give us a call, shoot us an email, or text us on our web chat if you have any questions!

(Don't forget that we all need to treat ourselves sometimes so feel free to bring your own guitar by if needed!)

Justin Sims