FREE TIMES 2020: Best Musical Instrument Store

It's that time of the year again where our city comes together to highlight influential businesses, services, and people of our community. Sims Music is honored to have been the long time voted Best of Columbia for Musical Instrument Stores. We have always strived to be a friendly face and a family name to our music community. This year is particularly special. Unfortunately, many businesses have had to close their doors due to the shutdown that COVID-19 caused. Though we did have to close our doors for a short time, eventually opening for curbside pick-up, we're thankful for the helping hand of everyone who made it possible for our business to re-open it's doors. Even after 40 years serving the Midlands, it's times like this where we are all the more proud to be Columbia natives. Our city persevered. We're thankful to all the City Council members who have looked after our beautiful community during these very trying times. (Source)

The Free Times has always gathered together Columbia's best and brightest and we are honored again to be included in the nominations. Our music school, Freeway Music, has also been nominated in the Best Place For Music Lessons.

Go VOTE now by clicking on the link below. The categories are broken down in tiers. Below is how to navigate to each of our nominations so that you can place a vote for both. We are so thankful for all of the continued support that we receive each year.

So from the Sims Music team,

Stay safe, and rock on!


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Adrian Gonzalez