Meet Luke Reeves, Recording Extraordinaire

We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Luke Reeves! Luke is going to be working all around the store but will be here to really help out with live sound, lighting, keyboards, and especially recording! We asked Luke a few questions to help you get to know him...

What is your musical background?

I have been playing music for about 11 years.  I started out by teaching myself guitar sometime in middle/late high school.  From there I played in a variety of different outfits playing original music and cover music throughout my college years and following.  Somewhere along the way I became increasingly interested in piano/keys and after teaching myself a good bit I was offered a position in my close friend’s band Dead Swells and have been on synth and keys ever since! I also play keys for my good friend/producer Wolfgang Zimmerman’s band Invisible Low End Power out of Charleston, SC. 

How long have you been recording and how did you get into recording?

I started recording at home about 5 years ago.   At the time I had moved to Duluth, MN as my girlfriend had gotten a great job there.  I didn’t know anyone at first and used this solitude as a way to dive headfirst into making my own sounds and music.  I remember starting out with a Presonus iTwo, a Mac Pro and the couch that I put them on as a makeshift desk at the time.  I completely fell in love with the creative space recording gives me and the science behind it all as well.  

What are you up to now with your music and recording? 

Flash forward a couple years and now I have a great job at Sims Music where I get to show up to the store and help people figure out how to make them HITS! It’s crazy because I sell the same PreSonus interface I started out with and still believe in it just as strongly.  These days while not at Sims, I spend a lot of time at my home studio working on my own songs, recording friends, and helping a growing list of new friends that trust me with their mixes.

Come by and meet Luke when you can or feel free to give him a call at the shop if he can help with your at home recordings or any other needs you may have for your musical journey!