NAMM Day Two 2024

We are having a blast at NAMM this year! Day 2 was filled with even more surprises and cool gear.

We started the day by checking out Hal Leonard and we are excited to announce that we will be selling their paiste cymbals soon. Make sure to check your email or come in to see when these come in stock!

Our next stop was at the Ibanez booth. Renowned for their signature artists and cutting-edge designs, Ibanez showcased an impressive lineup of guitars that left us awestruck. The allure of these instruments, featuring high-output pickups and Floyd Roses, was irresistible, prompting us to secure a massive shipment of the latest Ibanez guitars. Whether you're an aspiring shredder or a seasoned pro ready to unleash face melting licks, our store is now primed to cater to your musical needs with the arrival of these exceptional Ibanez guitars.

We also made sure to check out Gator. As musicians and instrument enthusiasts, we understand the importance of safeguarding our beloved gear, especially when on the move. Gator's booth provided a comprehensive display. From durable guitar cases that offer robust protection against bumps and impacts to intricately designed drum cases that guarantee the security of your percussion instruments, Gator had it all. 

Our NAMM adventure took an unexpected turn of hilarity when we stumbled upon the Chibson booth, where they revealed two whimsical meme guitars. The first, aptly named the "Leaf Guitar," modeled after a dining room dining room table, ingeniously incorporated a leaf that could be inserted to create additional space. The second, a puzzle piece guitar, consisted of two separate guitars that could be interlocked like pieces of a puzzle. Witnessing these unconventional creations brought a comical element to the convention, showcasing the lighter side of NAMM. Chibson's imaginative approach not only added a touch of humor to the event but also highlighted the diverse and creative expressions that can emerge within the world of musical instrument design.