New Zildjian Cymbals Press Release!

ZILDJIAN EXTENDS K FAMILY CYMBALS WITH NEW SIZES AND TONAL COLORS NORWELL, MA, January 2, 2019 – The Avedis Zildjian Company is pleased to announce the extension of the iconic K family of cymbals, with the introduction of the new K Cluster Crashes and the addition of the new 14” K Sweet Hi Hats. These new additions complement the more traditional K family cymbals and offer a broader range in dark, alternative sounds.

The new K Cluster Crashes venture into new sound colors that are dark, funky, and trashy, filling the drummer’s need for alternative sounds. The K Cluster Crashes feature the traditional K style hammering technique with additional “cluster” hammer marks. They are extra thin in weight and include an unlathed bell for greater tonal spread and additional sound frequencies. These cymbals are available in 16”, 18” and 20” models. ”The K Cluster crashes are that alternative sound that drummers are looking for, something different than the norm. These Cluster crashes cymbals respond quickly and have a raw, trashy sound that’s perfect for drummers who want to be little different,” says Victor Filonovich, Cymbals Category Manager for Zildjian.

The new K Sweet 14” Hi Hats continue the tradition of the award-winning K Sweet cymbal line released in 2018. The 14” model provides a more traditional sizing option for drummers looking for the same dark and sweet tonal colors featured in the 15” and 16” K Sweet Hi Hat models. All K Sweet Hi Hats features extensive K hammering, a thin top, extra heavy bottom, and unlathed bells, giving these cymbals a dark sound with a solid chick and full wash. Available as a pair, or as individual tops and bottoms. “We are very excited to offer these great additions to our legendary K Family. The New 14” Sweet Hi Hats add another level of excitement to our award winning K Sweet Collection, with its versatility and sound these Hi Hats will blend perfectly with all genres of music,” says Filonovich.