Pettyjohn Electronics now at Sims!

Right before Customer Appreciation Day back in June, Nate from Pettyjohn Electronics, reached out to us about coming to show us some of their gear. We had heard great things about the brand but had not put our hands (and ears) on them yet. Nate was generous enough to load up his car with incredible pedals and head this way to spend the entire day with our staff and customers! We have never met the guy before and he was still helping us set up tents and tables and making sure the day went great!

We were excited to set him up with his gear in the Select Room so that customers could get a real test drive with these pedals...and they were an absolute hit! Our guys at the shop as well as a lot of customers were falling in love with the pedals! One of our good buddys, Martin, even went home with one that day! We also got some great feedback from our good friend (and local rockstar), Niles Lewis, on Pettyjohn. Niles is a connoisseur of gear and tone, so when he approved...we knew it was a brand we had to carry. With all that being said, we now have a handful of models in stock and have more on the way! Please come by soon and let Alex Carbonell walk you through the line. Also, we will be hanging with Nate/Pettyjohn at the Summer NAMM show in a couple of weeks so be sure to look out for some cool demos of their gear live from the show!

Thanks so much for checking out the new gear and we look forward to seeing everyone in the shop rocking out on some Pettyjohn very soon!!!


Iron MKII:

The Pettyjohn IRON MKII is a full re-work of Pettyjohn's classic medium gain overdrive. Whether looking for an always-on low-gain sweetener, fully overdriven, thick rhythm playing chords or soaring, classic leads this pedal has something for everyone.


The Fuze:

The Fuze is a studio-grade distortion and fuzz pedal featuring two independent circuits, one for distortion and one for fuzz. Each circuit has been tailored with great care to provide excellent feel and musicality normally found in high wattage tube amps.


The Gold:

The Gold is a low noise, edge-of-breakup to distortion with amp-like dynamics and feel featuring a versatile three band studio grade EQ enough tone shaping power to work well in any players rig. It represents a culmination of our obsession with studio grade electronics and over three years of tweaking with drive circuits and we are proud to offer what we feel is the new golden standard of our Foundry line.