Shopping for your Beginner Drummer

If you are looking for drums for a loved one this Christmas, there is a chance you may be a little overwhelmed about what you need to look for. If that's the case, don't be are not alone. Shopping for a beginner drummer can be confusing with all of the different options and prices out there but I am here to help with this drum guide! There are several great options for aspiring drummers that can help them get to where they want to be with their musical goals! Find skill-specific drummer gift ideas below.

The Young Beginner (ages 3-8):

If you are shopping for a young child, you have probably come across a ton of different junior/small kits at a variety of prices. Over the years, we have carried several different options for young beginners but we have narrowed it down to our favorite kit! The Ludwig Pocket Kit! This kit was designed with Questlove of the the famous band, The Roots and has everything a young kid needs to start their journey. This 4 piece smaller kit is sized perfectly for someone smaller/young and includes all the necessary cymbals, stand, and stool that will be needed.  I have tuned these kits up and they sound great and function like a full sized kit, unlike other junior kits out there in the world. This kit comes in 3 great colors; black sparkle, red sparkle, and white sparkle! Whether you are trying to spark an interest in a young kid or get your somewhat experienced child off the pots and pans in the kitchen, this kit is perfect for you!


Any Beginner (ages 9+):

Whether you are shopping for a child, teenager, or grown adult, we've got a great option for you for a beginner drum set! While all of the components of a drum set can get pretty pricey, Ludwig has made this issue go away. We are proud to carry the Ludwig Accent Series Complete kits for just about any beginner out there. This full size 5 piece kit includes all of the drums, stands, cymbals, and the drum throne and then we also throw in a drum key, a pair of sticks, and a free t shirt to make sure your drummer is ready to rock! We have carried a lot of beginner, all inclusive kits over the years but this one is definitely the best one yet. The hardware is durable, the drums tune up nicely, and they recently upgraded the cymbals to last longer and sound better. This kit is available in 2 configurations; a 20" kick drum version that is better suited for someone a little smaller who needs to adjust the drums a little bit lower (this is actually the same size kit that I play) and then a 22" kick drum version that would be what is considered a 'standard sized kit'. These also come in some great colors including Blue, Black, Red, and Silver Foil! This kit is sure to spark a fire in any aspiring drummer!

Intermediate Drummer (ages 9+):

If you have a drummer that has been playing a while and is ready to upgrade to something that will last them for years or maybe your budget allows you to start them of with a nicer setup, we have the best option out there available! Our top selling kit at Sims, the Tama Imperial Star, is packed with quality and suitable for just about any drummer out there. While this kit is considered an 'entry/intermediate' level kit, it is anything but that in my opinion. The drum shells are made very well and tune up very nicely, the cymbal stands are ready to be at the gig, and the Meinl cymbals that are included sound great and are more durable than all of the competition out there. We have had beginners, intermediate drummers, and even churches have purchased this kit over the years for their pro drummers to use. I have actually played this exact kit at church in the past and it sounded great. Along with the amazing quality of the complete kit, they also come in some great finishes including Burgundy Walnut, Candy Apple Mist, Black Oak, and others! If you are shopping for someone younger, I always let everyone know that this kit can get them all the way through high school and if you are shopping for a hobbyist to have something at home to rock out on, then this kit can last a lifetime! 

Electronic Kits (for any drummer):

If the volume and space of an acoustic kit isn't an option for where you live but you are still needing a great drum set for your loved one, do not worry! There is still a great option! Electronic kits have come a long way over the years and offer a great alternative to acoustic kits to inspire a beginner drummer or to allow an experienced drummer to work on their chops! This year, we are proud to offer several different options from Alesis! We are carrying the Alesis Turbo, Nitro, and Surge electronic drum kits (while supplies last)! All of these great kits offer tons of awesome drum sounds, great feel, and a more quiet approach towards rocking out that can be suitable for any level of drummer in his musical journey! If you are shopping for a beginner and an acoustic kit is an option, I always recommend that is the best way to go but if not, an electric kit is a fantastic alternative for your drummer!


I hope this info has been helpful for you as you shop for the aspiring rockstar in your life! If you are able to come by and let me walk you through the different options, please come by and I'll be happy to help! If you'd rather give me a call, chat via our web chat, or shoot me an email, that is perfectly fine. I love to help drummers get the perfect gear to begin their journey and I look forward to helping yours!

Thanks so much. Stay safe and rock on!

Justin Sims