Shopping for Your Home Studio

We have been very busy here at Sims Music lately as we have been focusing on ramping up our recording and pro audio departments for the holidays. The respite that has kept us all at home for so long has also inspired many of our customers to venture into creative musical production. We have made sure to respond to this demand with the best and most dynamic range of products that we can. We understand that everyone has different preferences and styles and overall needs when it comes to at home recording or any sort of content creation. 

Whether you are just starting out and trying to learn the basics of music production, or getting into professional level recordings and gear, we strive to keep you covered. I have tried to create a brief, no-nonsense run through of some of our products based upon three different levels of quality and function. So, if you have caught the recording bug, come by and let's chat and get you started and get prepared to make some hits!

So you're ready to dip your toe into the water and get recording. There's a few things you should know. Music production has come a very long way in the last several decades. Where at one point, you couldn't track instruments or vocals without the use of a very expensive studio, you can now do from the comfort of your living room - with little to no hardware required. Companies like Audio-Technica, Mackie, Presonus, and many more are creating more and more products for beginner level studio engineers. Below are a couple products that we carry here at the store as well as what their functions are. We're sure these products will help you get started creating the music or content you want without breaking the bank or taking years of training for.