Sims Music is your one-stop-shop for expert stringed instrument repair, upgrades, and servicing. Our expert guitar technician is certified to get your instrument to its peak level playing condition. We are dedicated to ensuring your guitar or other stringed instrument stays in peak playing condition so you get the most out of your investment. Whether it's a simple restring, or a full rewire & electronic inspection, we promise the best quality service and care at the best price.

Stringed Instrument Maintenance

- Restrings
- Full Inspection and Setup
- Intonation

Fret Repair

- Refret & Fret Level
- Polish
- Crown

Electronic Upgrades

- Pickup Swapping
- Electronic Modifactions on Stringed Instrument


- Hardware Customizations
- Cosmetic Enhancements

Bone & Graphite

- Nut Replacement
- Saddle Replacement
- Fabrication from Blank Materials

Structural Repair

- Headstock Repair
- Crack Repair
- Brace Repair
- Bridge Pull & Replacement


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Adrian Gonzalez