The American Dream and the Grand Pacific 700 Series

What’s up everyone? Christmas is almost here! But we’re still getting in some amazing guitars just in time for the holiday season. I spent some time in our Taylor room today with these new arrivals: AD17e (holding), AD27e (right), and 717e (left, on stand).

The key similarity of these models are they all feature Taylor’s signature Grand Pacific shape. If you haven’t played one of these models, you will be surprised to hear how big the sound is for a tapered-dreadnaught type body style. This guitar features rolled edges for comfort, a matte finish for visual appeal, all packaged together for a type of consistency that can only be felt, or experienced when playing. 

The AD17e and the AD27e are part of the American Dream series of US-built acoustic guitars. The biggest appeal for these American Dream guitars is their price point. Never before has it been this affordable to own an American-made Taylor guitar with classic leading features! Also, one thing I noticed with the American Dream series, they each have a minor cosmetic imperfection. I found out that it's intentional from Taylor to pay tribute and honor the mature sound and workhorse aesthetic these early guitars are known for. Taylor’s V-Class Bracing gives the AD17e an impressive sustain. It manages to sound deep and rich, while also standing out in the mix with that pure tone that Taylor is famous for. These guitars are built from solid Taylor-sourced tonewoods (spruce, ovangkol, and mahogany for the AD17e and dark figured sapele and mahogany for the AD27e). I personally have only ever owned Martin guitars. But playing this guitar… made me feel at home again. They have managed to capture a deep and captivating sound but with the quality and feel of a Taylor US-made guitar - all at a price point that won’t break the bank. This guitar is a no brainer! If you love Taylor or if you’re looking for the model to bring you into the Taylor family, the Grand Pacific American Dream by Taylor is the obvious choice.


Up next, I got to spend some time playing the 717e Grand Pacific Builder’s Edition. If you’re looking for a guitar in the Grand Pacific line that’s an all around beast of a guitar, then look no further than the 717e. We’ve had lots of 600 series and 800 series guitars in the shop, but once we got our first 700 series, I was hooked. This is a guitar that demands you to just take a moment. It has a rich and full-sounding tone that is pure ear candy. I love when you strum a chord and you can feel the guitar working perfectly. The tension, the neck, the vibrations from the tonewoods; you get that feeling with this guitar. This guitar blazes new ground for those who have been a part of the Taylor family for a long time, and those just getting in. Featuring all of their premium solid tonewoods, Indian rosewood for the back and sides and a torrefied Sitka spruce top - this guitar delivers a seductively bold tone that gripped me from the first chord that I strummed. With onboard ES2 electronics, you get a perfectly amplified acoustic electric guitar. From the rack, this guitar is aesthetically plain and simple. A no-BS looking guitar. What it has, however, is an understated elegance that this Martin-forever player had no choice but to sit and play for while! Taylor knows what they’re doing when it comes to making guitars that have instant playability from the moment you grab it off the rack. It has such a rich, warm, organic tone that makes it one of the best guitars hanging in our Acoustic room. 


All of these guitars are competing in a class of their own, but whatever your budget, whatever your tonal personality is, one this is for sure: Taylor has something for everyone. I love Martin. I have always played a Martin and I will always own one. But after spending some time with these elegantly made US-made instruments, I realized that my next purchase will be either an American Dream or a 700 series. I can’t wait to show these guitars off!! Come in and check them out for yourself because even my words fail at describing just how incredible these guitars are.



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Adrian Gonzalez