The world is just as unpredictable as it’s always been. I think a lot of us feel like time is still very much in a stand still. For a lot of people, every aspect of life came to a grinding halt. The music industry has certainly felt the weight of this. Countless businesses had to close their doors temporarily, and even permanently. With all the circumstances at hand, it’s been very challenging to stock up on inventory and it’s affected us differently in each department.

One department that was hit pretty hard was Studio Recording. When the lockdown hit, a lot of people began building home studios. While many companies had delays and it was hard to get new products in, we strived to order as much as we could so that we could continue to provide everyone with the equipment they needed to be able to create at home. Even though we’re amidst a pandemic, in some ways, it’s given us an amazing gift. This gift is something we all still get to share that I believe can help make all of this down time a little more tolerable, and possibly even enjoyable. Of course, that gift is music... but mainly, how it allows us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Just as we are all in this pandemic together, we can all share our talents and that feeling of community that music has brought to us for so many years.

Flash forward to March of 2021 and we’ve just finished renovating our Studio Recording Department. We worked all weekend with our Presonus and Audio-Technica Sales rep, David Barrett, and Luke Reeves, our recording department associate, to completely transform our department. Our desire was to not only be able to stock and provide the products that our customers need and want, but to provide a space for our sales team to train and inspire customers in what products they should be using and which ones work well together. Our studio area is completely setup to be able to demo exactly

So as we continue to limp forward together to a better future, just know that we can all rest assured that the best is yet to come. Get inspired, try something new, build something, fail miserably, and then do it again. We live in a world that is as unpredictable as it’s ever been. But that limitation just could become our greatest opportunity.


Adrian Gonzalez