What's up, everybody? It is an awesome Tuesday here at Sims Music because we have some very exciting news to share with you. Today Fender has released their brand new American Professional II series! We are super proud to have products from this wonderful new series here in the store. This week I have spent a lot of time demoing and playing two fantastic Fender American Professional II strats. Both of which are new color schemes for Fender. Speaking of colors, that is one of my favorite things about this new series. Each and every guitar that Fender has come out within this series looks astonishing! Even more important, they play close to perfect. The two strats that I have gotten to spend time with have been beyond exceptional.
The Roasted Pine Strat is a new color that I am thrilled Fender has come out with. Personally, this is my favorite color in the new series. I'm a huge fan of the vintage and classic feel that this guitar displays. It plays true to the way an old strat would sound and feel. Personally, I love the way a tortoise pickguard looks. I especially love the way it looks with this gorgeous roasted pine body.  However, Fender has done this and incorporated modern technology with visual appeal, which is why they are one of the most iconic and top leading guitar companies today.
If Batman were a shredder, this would definitely be his guitar. The second Stratocaster that I spent time with is also a new color from Fender, which is Dark Knight. I assume they named this after Batman, but if they didn't, I'm still calling it the Batman guitar. Fender did such an excellent job bringing this color scheme to the new American Pro II Series. When looking at this guitar, you will notice a deep blue blended perfectly with a very sleek gloss black pickguard. The body itself also has a very clean color fade. Not only does it look great, but to no surprise, it plays just as good as it looks. Fender has done an exceptional job delivering consistency in both looks and feel, which can give customers like you both assurance and excitement when getting a guitar from this killer series.
Another thing that is new with these guitars is the push-push feature. When playing on the bridge pickup, you can push your tone knob, which engages the feature that blends the neck pickup with the bridge pickup. This results in a very full and unique tone that I believe guitars players will love. The V-Mod II pickups that come in this strat sound excellent. They are really clear while not sacrificing great punch and low end. The neck profile is also Deep-C, which sits very comfortably in your hand.  Also, I am very glad that these necks have a Super Natural finish. This makes the neck way more smooth, especially for people whose hands tend to sweat. Natural feeling necks are something that has been adopted from some of my icons like SRV and John Mayer. I believe that this was a great move from Fender. 
We are beyond ecstatic to be dealers of Fender guitars and especially to have these great guitars in our store. We have American Pro II teles and basses on the way as well, so keep an eye out for those, so that you won't miss out. In the meantime, come check out these fantastic American Professional II Series Stratocasters from Fender!