The Legacy Continues

The Sabian LEGACY continues with Mike Benson....

We are so proud to announce that our great friend, Michael Benson, has joined the Sabian Family as the newest member of their Regional Artist Program. If you don't know Mike or haven't seen him play, we highly recommend you reach out and get to know him and definitely go see him on stage! Mike is one of the best guys out there and a lifelong friend of the Sims family and staff and also one of the most talented drummers in the area. Mike has been playing Sabian cymbals for years on some of the biggest stages around, so having him as an official member of the Sabian Regional program is the perfect fit.

Sabian looks for hard working, talented, and kind people to represent their brands as well as the stores that sell their product and they have found just that in Michael Benson. We sat down with Mike and asked him a few questions. Read on to learn more about Mike and keep an eye out for big things from this talented drummer and awesome guy. 

Sims: When did you start playing and what you got into drums?

Benson: I started playing drums at the age of 3 at my Grandfather's church in Camden, SC. United First Born Holiness Church is where I learned to play. It was my Uncle Jason Missouri who fueled me to play music and to improve as a young drummer.

Sims: Who are your biggest inspirations as a drummer?

Benson: Some of my biggest inspirations as a drummer are my local guys Perry Gooden, Fred Burrell, Anthony Flowers, Adrian Porter and Terence Young. Some of my national inspirations are Dennis Chambers, John Blackwell, Chris Coleman and Sonny Emory. My family is also a big inspiration for me to play.

Sims: How long have you been playing Sabian cymbals?

Benson: I've been playing Sabian cymbals for about 10 years. I made the switch from a fellow competitor and I've been so happy about it. 

Sims: What about Sabian cymbals made you realize they were the brand for you?

Benson: I just love the quality of sound that the HHX and some of the AAX models produce. The HHX are my favorite cymbals. They have a warm shimmering sound that seems to fit my style of playing drums. Love em. 

Sims: Where can people see you play live?

Benson: You can see me playing on Sundays at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC. I can also be seen playing anywhere in 5 different states and counting with The Finesse Band and The Terence Young Experience. 

Sims: We know you have a huge collection of Sabian Cymbals but what are your go to pies right now? 

Benson: My go to cymbals right now are the Sabian Legacy Series...Hats, Crash, and Ride! If you haven't tried them, you need to! There's nothing out there like them!