Due to COVID, and social distancing requirements, we had to pause all of our in-store events at Sims Music for the last year. We’ve done the best job we could to monitor the ongoing situation and respond accordingly for your safety. Now that the CDC has updated their guidelines, we felt it was finally time to start back up with some events.

We’ve always had such a great turnout for our monthly Uke Jams. They are a great way for beginners, intermediate players, and even expert players alike to come together and play their instruments. Hosted by Jessica Sims, long time local musician, and professional ukulele player, you will learn the songs you want to play and jam the night away with chord chart assistance as well as guided practice.

We’re so happy to finally be able to bring back Uke Jam! Tuesday, June 8th, we will host our first Uke Jam of 2021. The store will close at 7:00pm and we will have access to the store for Uke Jam members. It’s open to all ages, and all skill types! Whether you’re just starting, or have been playing forever, come out and jam with us!

Adrian Gonzalez