Weekly Newsletter

Hey everyone! We know these are some crazy and uncertain times we are all going through right now, but I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support this last week! We have been working hard to fulfill online orders and curbside pickups! The love we have seen from all of you has been amazing! We will continue to be open online next week so please reach out if we can help with anything! THANK YOU! 
Stay Safe and Rock On!
-Justin Sims
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We are so excited to announce that the Taylor Days Spring Break Sales Event has officially begun! If you purchase any 300 Series or higher Taylor, you can get a GS Mini for $99! Or if you purchase a 100 or 200 Series, you can get a Baby Taylor for $99 as well! Our showroom is currently closed but please email or message us on our web chat on simsmusic.com with any questions!
Drummers!!! Are you bored at home and wanting to take your drumming to the next level? Well look no further! We've got a variety of items to help you fill your time at home and to get you playing like never before! Head over to our site to check out some of these great products and be sure to enter Coupon Code: SPRINGTIME to SAVE 10% and get FREE Shipping! 

-Sabian Quiet Tone Pad
-Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals
-Stick Control
-Meinl Drumsticks
Justin Sims