Winter NAMM 2018 Day One

The Fender American Original is a classic design made new. These “best-of-the-decade” versions of their most iconic instruments take the best elements of Fender classics throughout their decade and combine them to make them even more playable for the modern musician. These guitars feature period-accurate pickups, era-specific neck profiles, and a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. 

We can’t wait to introduce the new Fender effects pedals to our lineup at Sims Music. The team at Fender has developed some innovative solutions to make pedals that not only sound great, but are intuitive for any player. LED lights in the knobs and a magnetic battery door solve usability issues you didn’t even know you had. 

The Eric Johnson Strat will be making it’s way to Sims Music (thanks to your votes on our Instagram story). Any guitarist who marvels at the breathtaking sonic artistry and peerlessly pure tone of Texas Strat® virtuoso Eric Johnson will also marvel at the Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple guitar. Johnson is famously meticulous in crafting his tone, and every facet of the guitar is designed to Johnson's own detailed specs, from the specially voiced pickups to the extra-contoured neck and body to the distinctive tremolo assembly and much more. A refined signature model honoring one of modern music's finest Strat masters.

Since the 1960s, Fender has shaken up the world of acoustic guitar design, and that youthful energy shows in the California series. They’ve tricked some traditional acoustics with upgraded features sure to rev the engine of the particular player in search of a little something different. It’s a little bit of sideshow surprise, a shot of creativity and a whole lot of bona fide Fender mojo, all rolled into a spectacular series. From SoCal classics to chop-shop specimens, it’s high-performance tone you’ll never get sick of test-driving.

We're bringing some sleek Fender ukes home, and are excited for you to try their good, bold sound. 


The Black Beauty is the most recorded snare in history. The drum is constructed of a single sheet of brass that is machine drawn into a seamless beaded shell. However, due to their truly unique and difficult manufacturing process, only a very limited number of Black Beauties are available each year from Ludwig USA, and we are fortunate to bring this snare to you at Sims Music. 


We’re bringing a black oyster classic maple drum kit to Sims Music, so you can rock out with the likes of Ringo Star. Ringo bought his first Ludwig black oyster drum kit in London in the 60’s, and it has since become one of the most iconic instruments in the business.


Ludwig makes some beautiful American made 3-piece kits for just $999. Made just up the road in Monroe, NC, we love this year’s colors and are excited to bring them home to Sims Music. 


We got to spend the afternoon with our friends at Kala and ordered some awesome ukuleles for the store.


The 13th anniversary ukulele is a great, unique color with matte finish and larger body size. There were only 500 of these ukuleles made, so we are excited to bring a couple home to Sims Music.  

Kala is introducing the Kala Elite line, made up of higher end ukuleles and using materials like spruce, maple, and ebony. Let us know if you'd like to see any at Sims Music!