Yamaha Revstar: Available Now!

Drawing from the stylish lines and honed performance of the Café Racer bikes that graced the

streets of 1960s London, Revstar embraces the concept of being stripped down, tuned up and dialed in.


The original Revstar guitars launched in 2015—Yamaha's first new electric guitar series in more than a decade. A completely refreshed lineup was introduced in 2022.


All Revstar guitars feature chambered bodies designed to sculpt tone and reduce weight, providing a clear, full sound and comfortable playing experience. Upgrade to the Standard or Professional models and get carbon reinforcement in the body and neck to improve vibration transfer.  

Focus/Dry Switch


The push/pull Focus Switch Tone control is featured on the Professional and Standard models. This activates a passive boost with an effect similar to overwound pickups—darker highs, increased mids and lows, and an aggressive character.


On the Element model, this switch is a Dry Switch. The push/pull Tone control activates the Dry Switch high-pass filter for brighter tones without the added noise or power drop of conventional coil splits.

5-Way Switching

The Professional and Standard models feature a 5-way switch. Positions 2 and 4 slightly delay the opposite pickup for a subtle phase shift that offers a fresh take on classic “in-between” sounds.

Choice of Pickups

In the Professional and Standard models, the RSP20 and RSP20X feature humbuckers, and the RSP02T offers P90-style single-coils. All pickups are custom designed by Yamaha and use Alnico V magnets for powerful tone.