Clear Voice Honey Lemon Vocal Spray

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Clear Voice Honey Lemon vocal spray is a natural vocal throat spray for singers and speakers.
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Product Description

Honey Lemon Natural Vocal Throat Spray

If you depend on your voice for your job, then you have probably tried everything to bring back a lost voice or relieve a sore throat. Use of a natural honey lemon vocal throat spray may be just what you need.  Singers, reporters, teachers are all people who need their voices to do their jobs, so it’s important to have a handy therapy available if their voice starts to go. That therapy is Clear Voice spray! This natural mix of herbs was formulated to reduce the dryness in the throat that can lead to cracking and coughing.

All types of performers have relied on Clear Voice honey lemon natural vocal throat spray because of its ability to allow them to perform at a high level night after night. All you have to do is spray the product into the back of your throat before your next performance and you’ll hear the difference.

Choose from 4 amazing and tasty flavors of Clear Voice: Fresh Mint, Cherry Apple, Strawberry Lemonade and Honey Lemon vocal spray.  Available in convenient 1oz. spray bottles.  So next time you’re taking singing lessons or getting ready for an important performance, make sure to take along your Clear Voice vocal spray.  It’s the natural way to sooth your throat and keep you singing at your best!