DW 6000 Series Ultra-Light Hi-Hat Stand

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A scaled down version of the popular line-up of 6000 Series retro-styled, flush-base hardware, 6000 Series Ultralight™ stand utilize smaller diameter, lighter gauge steel tubing and a low mass tube joint for optimal portability. The hi-hat stand is as smooth and effortless as its 6000 cousin. Ultralight™ hardware is a perfect for bop kits, vintage sets and gigging drummers everywhere.


Flush Base Design






Low-profile and lightweight aluminum Flush Base Design.


UL Joints






Ultralight™ Joints are smooth, strong, and lightweight


Offset Direct Pull Action






Offset Direct Pull Action provides direct pedal-to-hat response. Dual Chain. Easily-adjustable Spring Tension Adjuster


Lightweight Clutch






Ultralight™ Clutch comes standard and allows you to dial in closed "sloshyness"



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