Eliminator Stealth Beam

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The Eliminator Stealth Beam is a high-powered moving head beam light designed to create stunning and intense lighting effects. With its powerful beam output, this fixture produces sharp and focused beams that cut through the air with precision. The Stealth Beam features a motorized focus that allows you to adjust the beam size and clarity to suit your specific needs. It offers smooth and fast movement, enabling dynamic and engaging lighting displays. Equipped with a variety of built-in patterns, gobos, and color options, this moving head beam light offers endless creative possibilities. Whether you're setting up a stage performance, a club environment, or any other event, the Eliminator Stealth Beam delivers an immersive lighting experience that captivates and energizes the audience.

  • Lighting Technology: Beam light
  • Fixture Type: Moving head beam light
  • Beam Output: High-powered and intense beams
  • Focus: Motorized focus for adjustable beam size and clarity
  • Movement: Smooth and fast movement for dynamic lighting displays
  • Pan Range: Wide pan range for extensive coverage
  • Tilt Range: Wide tilt range for versatile positioning
  • Control Options: DMX, sound activation, automatic programs
  • DMX Channels: Multiple DMX channels for advanced control options
  • Patterns and Gobos: Built-in patterns and gobos for creative projection effects
  • Colors: Multiple color options for vibrant lighting displays
  • Special Effects: Offers dynamic effects like strobing, dimming, and prism rotation
  • Control Modes: Multiple control modes for versatile operation
  • Power Consumption: Energy-efficient design
  • Mounting Options: Adjustable mounting bracket for versatile installation
  • Operation: User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Dimensions: Compact size for easy transportation and setup
  • Weight: Lightweight design for convenient handling and mounting
  • Durability: Sturdy construction for long-lasting performance
  • Compatibility: Can be synchronized with other lighting fixtures for synchronized light shows
  • Application: Suitable for stages, clubs, concerts, and other entertainment venues
  • Connectivity: DMX input and output for daisy-chaining multiple units
  • Power Supply: Built-in power supply