Franklin 2" Tennessee Hemp Guitar Strap, Black Ends

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This Franklin Tennessee Hemp Guitar Strap uses a two fold technique that results in two layers of hemp.
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Developing this new series has been an amazing experience for Franklin. Hemp production was outlawed years ago, mostly because of pressure from the cotton lobby. It was one of the major crops produced in the American colonies because of its incredible durability and availability. Today, 98% of the hemp on the marked is produced in China.

The hemp crops for these Franklin straps were produced by Tennessee Hemp Works, who are paving a future of hemp production in Tennessee. This is the first hemp produced in Tennessee since the 1920’s.

Franklin settled on an ultra thick weave that captures the natural qualities of the material, which is the second strongest natural fiber available. In addition, the natural properties of the fiber make it antimicrobial. This might be a great benefit for those of you who tend to work up a sweat on stage.

This version uses a two fold technique that results in two layers of hemp. On this version, Franklin backs it with their deep knapp suede for a combination of weight and softness that defies description.

The natural visual qualities of hemp combined with leather is just spectacular and the functional strength is remarkable.