Kid's Guitar Course 2

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The Easiest Guitar Guitar Ever! (Ages 5+)
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The Easiest Guitar Guitar Ever! (Ages 5+)

Ron Manus - L.C. Harnsberge!

  • All the music right on your screen 
  • Bonus MP3 ausio tracks for every example
  • Features music from the book performed live


Fun, Colorful, Easy to Use

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course is a fun method for learning to play songs on the guitar right away and features a live instructor to make learning easy! In Level 2, you will learn more notes, songs, chords, and notation-all from clear and simple lessons. By the time you finish, you will understand dynamics, accompaniment patterns, and new rhythms, and play on all six strings!



  • Hosted by renowned guitarist Janet Robin
  • Continues where Level 1 left off
  • Notes on the screen make learning easy
  • Live performances demonstrate how the music should sound
  • Includes MP3 audio tracks of all examples for listening and playing along