Snareweight M80 Medium to Heavy Drum Damper, Brown

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The M80 is engineered to control the resonance without sacrificing the brightness of the drum. One M80 has 4 different dampening settings: mild, medium, heavy and off.
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UPC: 785339929030
Brand: Snareweight

Made by hand in South San Francisco, USA.

M80 Walnut Brown: This is our AZ leather, a bit more pliable and brighter sounding than the M80 in white.

Snareweight M80: Expressive drum dampening. FLEXIBLE BY DESIGN to match a drummer's natural dynamics.

-MEDIUM TO MEDIUM HEAVY drum dampening- 4 different settings... or, flip it up and off the head for none at all!!

-Patented clip for a secure grip to ALL SIZE metal hoops and 1/4" wood hoops....except S-Hoops and not recommended for Tama Arc Hoops.

-Genuine USA Leather. (about 10" across)

-MAGNETIC flexibility. Nothing "sticks" to your head- keep it open and real. Will never warp, kink or unstick.