Taylor Circa 74 Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amplifier

Taylor Circa 74 Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Amplifier

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Finally, an acoustic and vocal amp you can leave in your living room when company comes over...
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Finally, an acoustic and vocal amp you can leave in your living room when company comes over.

The Circa 74 vocal and acoustic guitar amp. Rich, room-filling sound. Intuitive controls. Simply stylish.


What’s it sound like when a master craftsman, an electronics engineer and a professional guitarist get together? Harmonious.

If you know Bob Taylor, you know he likes refined woodworking and pleasing sound. So when he decided to design an acoustic amplifier from a stockpile of tonewoods not quite right for guitars, he knew just who to call. Soon after, pro player Terry Myers, electronics guru Tyler Robertson and woodworking wizard David Judd were in Bob’s workshop and ideas were flying around as much as the sawdust.



  • Twice as Nice
    • Convenient dual mic and 1/4” inputs allow simultaneous playing and singing without extra equipment or hassles.
  • Warm, Captivating Sound
    • The wood cabinet and speaker combination produce an ear-pleasing, warm tone devoid of the harshness found in most acoustic amps.
  • Plays Well with Others
    • Fully compatible and easy setup with all major pickups, allowing you to get started with yours effortlessly.
  • Real Easygoing
    • Simple, friendly controls for quickly adjusting EQ, reverb, and passion to suit your preferences.
  • Power Performance
    • 150 watts provide ample power for venues ranging from cafés to outdoor weddings or simply your living room, ensuring plenty of headroom.
  • Get Connected
    • Bluetooth connectivity enables you to play along, sing along, or listen along to your favorite tunes.
  • Stand Out
    • The stylish furniture-quality amp comes with a matching wood stand, elevating your amp and engaging your audience.



  • Price: $1,199
  • Model: AV150-10 (Acoustic-Vocal, 150 watts, 10-inch speaker)
  • Speaker: 10-inch full-range
  • Power: 150 watts RMS
  • Channel Configuration:
    • Two independent channels for guitar and vocals, plus master volume to mix aux in.
  • Controls:
    • Independent levels for both channels
    • Master volume
    • 3-band EQ
    • Room reverb
  • Inputs:
    • Input A: XLR or ¼-inch for mic or guitar
    • Input B: ¼-inch for guitar
    • Plus: ⅛-inch (3.5mm) line-level aux. input
  • Outputs:
    • XLR and ¼-inch line out
    • ⅛-inch (3.5mm) headphone out
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth button and indicator
  • Input Power Range: 100-240V
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 16.5” x 9” x 14”
  • Cabinet Material: Mahogany
  • Stand Dimensions: 16.75” x 9.25” x 16”
  • Stand Material: Mahogany
  • Weight: 24 lbs. (amp without stand)