Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Snare -- Roger Carter

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A durable marching stick that plays like a drumset stick.
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A durable marching stick that plays like a drumset stick. A long taper unlocks the groove and stylistic flow Roger and his groups are known for. The round tip works together with the taper to create a focused sound over a wide dynamic range. Roger’s Corpsmaster® signature stick features a long, sloping taper, which pushes mass to the back of the stick for remarkable response and flow. The taper flanges back out slightly at the neck for added durability and focused power at the tip. Working in concert with this unique taper, a round tip provides excellent articulation at every dynamic level. The balance and speed of the new Roger Carter Corpsmaster® signature stick also makes it a fantastic choice for marching tenors. The long taper makes it easier to get around the drums and creates a great rim shot sound. Roger Carter is well known in the marching percussion activity for his dedication to excellence as well as his unique stylistic approach to rudimental drumming. Throughout his career, Roger has performed with and instructed for some of the foremost marching percussion programs in the world, including the Blue Devils, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Broken City Indoor Percussion and the Bluecoats. “I really wanted to make a marching stick that had the feel of a drumset stick,” states Roger. “My approach to rudimental drumming incorporates groove and stylistic flow into a genre that has been historically defined by its rigidity. This stick is an extension of that.” “I could use anything I want and I’ve been with Vic for more than 20 years. I think that speaks for itself,” states Roger. “Many of my favorite drummers of all time use Vic Firth, and I am honored to be included among such an elite group as a Vic Firth Signature Artist.”

  • A marching stick with a unique feel
  • The added weight, length, and unique tip shape make this an incredibly durable and responsive stick