Wegen GJPB 3.5mm Gypsyjazzpick, Single Black

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The material used sounds very close to tortoise , but it lasts much longer.
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Introducing the Wegen GJPB 3.5mm Gypsyjazzpick in a striking black color. Designed specifically for gypsy jazz guitar players, this single pick offers exceptional thickness and durability. With a substantial 3.5mm thickness, it provides a solid and powerful feel for dynamic playing. The pick features a comfortable grip and a smooth surface, allowing for effortless string contact and precise articulation. Crafted with Wegen's renowned quality and attention to detail, this pick is built to withstand the rigors of gypsy jazz playing. Elevate your gypsy jazz performance with the Wegen GJPB 3.5mm Gypsyjazzpick - a reliable, thick, and stylish companion for your guitar.