Zildjian 18" Low Volume L80 China

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The Zildjian You Can’t Go Without.
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Zildjian L80 Low Volume cymbals are authentic Zildjian cymbals that play at up to 80% less volume. Thanks to the unique, perforated pattern, you can play with any technique or accessory in your stick bag without having to worry about holding back!

Unlike having to rely on foam mutes, the 18" Zildjian L80 china retains all of the vibrant sound qualities of a traditional Zildjian only at quieter volumes. Perfect for quiet rehearsals and silent studio sessions, this cymbal will become an irreplaceable part of your personal set-up.

Features of this cymbal include:

  • Muted yet resonate sound
  • Authentic Zildjian style
  • Exclusive sound quality
  • 70% - 80% quieter than traditional cymbals so that you can play longer without ear
    fatigue or hearing damage
  • Perfect for apartments, practice rooms, dorm rooms or any “noise-sensitive” situations