Zildjian 19" A Thin Crash

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Make Your Music One-in-a-Million.
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This Zildjian has a sensitive yet strong personality, responding to light touches as quickly and powerfully as it would a mighty crash. The A-series are renowned for their massive spectrum of tonal colors, and this cymbal defies expectations, sporting a never-before-seen range of tonal colors.

This Zildjian caries a century’s worth of playing behind it, and you can hear it in the rich, full-bodied sound it produces. When you order this Zildjian today, you’ll receive incredible benefits, such as:

  • Individually cast bronze cymbal
  • Rich, full-bodied sound
  • Medium-thin weight, mid sound, long sustain
  • Artisanally crafted in Zildjian's Norwell, Massachusetts, factory
  • Traditional finish