Zildjian 20" S Family Medium Ride

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Balance for Both Your Music and Your Budget.
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This well-balanced ride cymbal is begging to become the foundation of your expert-sounding kit. With a B12 bronze recipe that has been artisanally crafted to provide you with special value for your kit and your budget, this Zildjian is the perfect step up from a beginner kit without abandoning your beginner budget.

This ride possesses an incredible stick response and perfect soft-edge wash to provide you with a wide array of tonal pleasure without hacking away at your budget. When you make the life-changing decision to purchase this cymbal today, you will receive all the benefits of a professional grade cymbal, such as:

  • Brilliant finish
  • Crisp low to mid pitch
  • Bright, airy sound
  • Long sustain
  • Medium weight