Zildjian 14" K Sweet Hi Hat Pair

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Played-in feel with control.
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The Zildjian 14” K Sweet Hi Hat Pair are premium vintage style hats that are handcrafted in the Norwell, Massachusetts factory. When being crafted, they each receive a vintage-style lathing that gives a highly musical and played-in feel. You can pick your models and select what is best for your signature sound as the weight variations are unique to each one. The Hi Hat pair features a thin and loose style without sacrificing control or predictability. With a Patina finish, this cymbal looks as it sounds, thin and vintage.

  • Vintage-style lathing gives you smooth response and outstanding feel
  • Patina'd finish adds warmth while making the cymbal appear decades old
  • Small Avedis signature logo taken from the elder Zildjian's 1939 passport
  • Zildjian hollow logo on cymbal bottom
  • A Zildjian trademark rolled in
  • Handcrafted in Zildjian's Norwell, Massachusetts, factory